Are Labour a party of the Left now? – Part 1 – Reblog

Occasionally, I simply post what others have expressed exceptionally well because I am so fully in agreement with what they say that I feel I need to broadcast it further.

Once such blog is ‘Are Labour a party of the Left now? – Part 1 by Mike Shaughnessey posted.

The catalogue of policies introduced by Labour over years is quite shocking when you look at it in this summarised form. We were all there, of course, when it happened; so we all know all this. But bringing it all together in this succinct form still has shock-value for me.

If you read all this and you ask yourself which of these policies would you actually support in the cold light of day…. well the answer is pretty stark, isn’t it.

There is an alternative. We just have to have the courage of our convictions and give the Greens a chance to make an impact and a real difference.




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I'm interested in politics and rational political debate which isn't afraid of the facts or the complexities and contradictions inherent in most important issues.
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