New Plans to Increase EU Military Research Funding

This is a critical issue in terms of EU policy and something I have been very concerned about for some years.
The prospect of the EU including military research in its Research Framework Programme (currently called Horizon 2020) when it agrees the next framework post 2021 is worrying in the extreme; not only because the militarisation is running counter to the ideals of the EU but also because the money could be so much better spent.
This blog, by QCEA, makes that clear, sets out the issues and keeps up the pressure to oppose these developments. Let’s all get behind this.
I will be writing to my MEPs to tell them that I don’t think this is ok and that I expect them to do something about it.

The QCEA Blog

European Parliament buildings in Brussels Credit: Oscar Franzén The meeting was held on the European Parliament’s premises in Brussels.
Credit: Oscar Franzén

Plans to increase military research funding were on the agenda when the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security and Defence met in Brussels on Monday (13 October 2014). This committee is made up of thirty MEPs who meet to scrutinise the EU’s security and defence policy. I attended their meeting as an observer representing QCEA.

This meeting followed on from the European Council meeting in December 2013, at which European heads of government agreed in principle to increased European collaboration on military research. The European Commission and the European Defence Agency are now looking at how this could be achieved. Currently, the EU funds research mainly through its multi-billion-euro grant programme Horizon 2020. While technically, it is against EU law to fund military research through Horizon 2020, the European Commission is seeking to work around the…

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