Vote for Policies Take 2

In January 2014, I came across a website called ‘Vote for Policies’ and I wrote about it here. Then, the basis of the survey and analysis were the 2010 manifestos of six political parties.

Vote for Policies has just launched its new website. A new survey, based on the emerging promises of the 2015 manifestos. In the nick of time to support everyone in their very difficult choice on 7 May 2015.

So, I bravely took the survey again. Last time round, I found myself very much – but not 100% – aligned with the Green Party and on the strength of that result, I joined the party, became an activist and haven’t looked back.

So, would I be finding out that my political views have shifted into a different direction? Would I find out that maybe my views were more aligned with other parties? Or that some of the other parties have policies which are more on my wavelength than last time round?

Well, I needn’t have worried. Here’s my result:

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 18.16.53

But really, my results aren’t what it’s about. This is for everyone; you can each do the survey and find out which set of policies you are most in tune with. Which party’s policies are what you think is right? Not: who do you think can eat a bacon sandwich elegantly on camera? Not: who do you like the look of? Not: who do you think is most likely to be acceptable to the media. But who do you think will actually represent your views.

Take the survey here.

You can choose whether to look at all policy areas or just one. The option are: Health, Education, Economy, Welfare, Environment, Democracy, Crime, Europe, Immigration, Foreign Policy & Defence.

Or you can go for some or all of them and get an overview.

You’ll get your personal results; you’ll get the results in your constituency; and you’ll get the national results. You’ll also get the national results by policy area.

Now, this isn’t an opinion poll; everyone can choose to complete the survey or not and the sample is self-selected and not random. And this new version of the website hasn’t been up long; so the results are still based on a relatively small sample of responses. Make it more accurate by contributing your own views!

But the national results are nonetheless interesting:

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 18.17.25

There’s a big chunk of Green there!

And if you look at this policy by policy you can also see that Green Policies win the day in the Economy, Welfare, Crime, Europe, Immigration and Foreign & Defence. Not bad: that’s six out of 10 (60%!).

If we all voted in line with what we really think – ignoring the appalling electoral system we have, we’d get a completely different result to the ones we have been getting in the past.

So even if I’m partisan on this issue – I am – it’s still clear that a lot of people agree that the Green Party has the best policies. So what’s stopping us?

Let’s all vote for the COMMON GOOD


About martinaweitsch

I'm interested in politics and rational political debate which isn't afraid of the facts or the complexities and contradictions inherent in most important issues.
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