Becoming homeless in East Jerusalem

One of many stories that remind us that it is people who are being hounded and made homeless. Never think of them as numbers. Always look at their faces and recognise them as our sisters and brothers, our equals.
It is happening to them now, it could happen to anyone anywhere unless we help to stop the assumption that this is ok when it happens to someone else.

EAPPI UK and Ireland Eyewitness Blog

By EA Isabel, Southern West Bank.

The home of the Risheq family was a pleasant house in the suburbs of Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem. Its three stories provided shelter for thirty members of the extended family, its shady courtyard and garden was a space to entertain and a playground for the younger children.

This was all shattered at 7:30am on 27 January when the Israeli police arrived. “My children were so frightened, they were woken when the police came into the house with their big dogs,” Samoud, one of the young women of the family, explained.

The Risheqs were ordered out of their home and not permitted to take their belongings. Instead, some were placed in sacks by officials. Freezer contents ended up stacked with children’s toys and bedding.

Worldly goods 2The Risheq family’s worldly goods piled up outside their house [EAPPI/I.Morgan] Once the house was emptied of people and guarded by…

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