Surrounded by the occupation

I get the Eyewitness Blog regularly. I don’t reblog each one because it would be too many. But this one struck me as something I would like you all to know, to read about and to try to imagine.
I do my shopping in a variety of shops that are between 1 and 4 miles away from where I live. I try to do only a few big shops. Reading this blog I was trying to imagine how it would feel to be stopped on route to the shops, to be searched on the way back, to be told that some of what I had purchased was not permitted and I couldn’t take it with me.
Only once have I been stopped in that way – at an airport where I had bought a litre of milk and forgotten that I couldn’t take liquids through security. I had to give it up and was told that it would be destroyed. I was incensed but it was only once and only one litre of milk. Imagine this happening every week. And who knows how easy it is to predict what you aren’t allowed to take.
That’s why I’ve reblogged this piece and why I urge you to read it and to share it with your MP.

EAPPI UK & Ireland Blogs

By EA Elaine, Southern West Bank.

Mahmoud, his family and extended family live in the beautiful South Hebron Hills at the southernmost tip of the West Bank. They are in what is now called the ‘Seam Zone’. Since 2006 his farm has been trapped in the area between the Green Line (the 1949 armistice line between Israel and occupied Palestine) and the illegal Israeli separation barrier which cuts deep into Palestinian territory. Next to his farm is a large illegal settlement.

29-03-2016-a-seefer-talking-with-mahmoud-photo-eappi-e-mitze.jpgMahmoud talking to EA Elaine in his village in the ‘Seam Zone’ [Photo: EAPPI/E.Mitze]

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