Education Under Occupation: No way to treat a child

The treatment of children in war zones and in conflict is critically important for the prospect of peace in the future. I am reblogging this piece to bring it to another audience, to highlight the important work that the EAPPI programme is doing and to highlight the work of DCIP, a charity that works tirelessly to protect vulnerable children.

EAPPI UK and Ireland Eyewitness Blog

By Margaret, Northern West Bank

Several times a week I walk with my team of Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) alongside students from the villages of as-Sawiya and al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya for a kilometre alongside the A60 – the main road from Jerusalem to Nabulus – to their schools. As we walk among the children they have great fun teasing us in Arabic and testing out their English.

Our purpose is to provide a protective presence for the children as they walk past Israeli troops. The soldiers usually stay by their vehicles opposite the front of the boys’ school or walk into nearby fields and around to the back. On our first day as the new EA team here, however, the soldiers tell us that they need to walk among the children to catch a boy who they allege threw a stone yesterday.

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