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A Media Frenzy on Extremism – does this help to generate more violence?

The last few weeks have been quite bad from the point of view of the avid reader of /listener to news who is also a pacifist. The question keeps coming up: what is to be done in the face of … Continue reading

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Syria – how did your elected representative do?

Waking up to the news of the UK House of Commons having defeated the government in its attempt to get parliamentary sanctions for military action in Syria, I was wondering how my representative did in this. Did she speak? Did … Continue reading

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The Courage of Antoinette Tuff

If you haven’t heard about Antoinette Tuff this maybe because her heroic actions didn’t make it very high up in the headlines in the UK. Most papers covered the story but not very prominently. What’s the story? I first read … Continue reading

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