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A mass​ movement of people – why?

We live in a globalised world. For me, personally, the opening up of the world beyond my immediate communities was a wonderful thing. It allowed me to travel widely though in the early days of my travels this was much … Continue reading

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Equality and Mutual Respect

Today’s Daily Telegraph has a very worrying article as one of the headline. I read this paper on line, principally because I think it is important to read news coverage and comment from sources I don’t agree with normally. So … Continue reading

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Immigration – does the government have it all wrong?

Two different stories have been in the headlines recently. I haven’t seen them connected anywhere. So I thought I would draw some lines between them and see what they have to do with each other. Immigration Cases Backlog hits half … Continue reading

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Borders and Visas – UK or EU competence?

This post is part of a series about the UK review of the balance of competence between the EU and the Member States (and the UK in particular). For more details about the review as a whole see my earlier … Continue reading

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