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Vote for Policies Take 2

In January 2014, I came across a website called ‘Vote for Policies’ and I wrote about it here. Then, the basis of the survey and analysis were the 2010 manifestos of six political parties. Vote for Policies has just launched … Continue reading

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Why the NHS matters – and why it matters that it stays in public hands

There’s been an interesting infographic going round Twitter which I thought worth sharing here: The graphic is a bit difficult to read so here’s the wording against each row of figures in order (top to bottom): Had a medical problem … Continue reading

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Backbench Business in the House of Commons – What it does and doesn’t mean

Palestine vote: MPs take historic decision to recognise Palestinian state. That headline is from the Independent on 13 October 2014, the day the vote took place. I applaud this decision; indeed, think this is an immensely important moment. As other … Continue reading

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Syria – how did your elected representative do?

Waking up to the news of the UK House of Commons having defeated the government in its attempt to get parliamentary sanctions for military action in Syria, I was wondering how my representative did in this. Did she speak? Did … Continue reading

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The Courage of Antoinette Tuff

If you haven’t heard about Antoinette Tuff this maybe because her heroic actions didn’t make it very high up in the headlines in the UK. Most papers covered the story but not very prominently. What’s the story? I first read … Continue reading

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